Bewitched's Family
(from the first round of "B" names
Direct descendants GCH Lucky Star's Y Bewitched 3*M

This family excels in mammary and milk production. The matriarch of this family is GCH Lucky Star's Y Bewitched 3*M. She is the third generation GCH, in addition, she is one of the does that reached all of our goals. This family consistently reproduces very nice mammaries. Even as yearlings you can see the special qulaity to their mammaries. Cindy Silva finished X-Tea the last a-Llure daughter born at our house and she continues the trandition. There are many sons from this family improving mammaries and milk production around the country.

X-Tea's grandson has come to our herd to continue this line--BB-King BUCKS.

Kids from the Bewitched Family can be found on the Bewitched kids page.

SGCH Lucky Star's QM a-Rresting 6*M
S: ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D: SGCH Lucky Star's QK a-Llure 5*M Blast from the Past

LA 4-04 92 E E E E June 2006
LA 6-04 91 V E E E June 2008

Dry on Appraisal day 2010

2-11 305 2900 105 3.6% 89 3.1%
3-11 305 3120 112 3.6% 95 3.0%
5-01 273 2880 112 3.9% 88 3.1%
6-00 316 3140 120 3.8% 95 3.0%


a-Rresting has been retired from the milk string for the past 2 years- her choice not ours. So we don't know if she will settle this year.

About a-Rresting:

a-Rresting is a very nice looking 7 year old, who has many show wins to her credit. She has been the ALC Specialty GCH with 30 milkers in attendance. She has a very nice rear udder with especially nice teat placement and one of the longest flattest rumps in the herd. a-Rresting did not travel as well as we would have liked standing for all 1500 miles to Nationals in 2007, but was nevertheless 6th out of 25 in the 5 & 6 year old class. She was also part of our 2007 Best in Show Dairy Herd.


She will be bred to*B Lucky Star's RA Bravo BUCKS --First doe will be retained. She has not settle for the past 2 years.
Her daughter a-Yana is already a champion in another herd. You can see other daughters we have sold on the reference doe page.

Left Photos are at 4 years old & Right Photos are at 6 years old taken June 2008

GCH Lucky Star's QM Prismea 5*M

S: +*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D: SG Lucky Star's QK Narnea 4*M LA 90 Blast from the Past

LA 3-05 91 E V E E
LA 5-03 89 E + V E
LA 7-03 89 E A V E


1-11 305 1940 67 3.5% 62 3.2%
3-01 261 1740 55 3.2% 57 3.3%


Prismea has long been retired from the milking string and is being kept as a brood doe--a job she does well!

About Prismea:

Prismea's first show of 2004 earned her one GCH leg, but her second 2 ring show earned her 2 GCH wins with 30 milkers shown in one ring and 27 shown in the other ring. We think these impressive wins justify Don's faith in this special doe. She, in addition to outstanding feet and legs, exhibits more overall area of udder attachment then almost any doe in our herd. She is the first "E" in general appearance in the Bewitched family to go along with their consistant E's in mammary..

She is bred tois bred to *B Tempo Apolo Ono BUCKS First black and tan doe may be retained.

See Prismea's lovely daughters Yodel and Zardeenah Reference does

Prismea - 3 years old

SG Lucky Star's LOT Yodel 6*M

S-*B Little Orchard Pure Thrill Reference Bucks
D-GCH Lucky Star's QM Prismea 5*M Above


LA 2-04 86 + E V V

LA 3-03 90 V E E E   

LA 4-04 90 V E E E


1-02 296 2320 79 3.4% 69 3.7%

2-01 289 3460 109 3.2% 106 3.1%

3-00 305 3110 102 3.3% 97 3.1%

4-03 172 1490 51 3.4% 45 3.0 % in progress.



Yodel was part of our 1st place "Thrill" Senior Get of Sire for the past 2 years.

About Yodel:

Yodel really came into her own as a 3 year old. Her appraisal score and her many show ring wins prove this. She has earned 2 GCH legs and was so often Reserve GCH that is became funny.


Yodel decided to have a single huge buck kid and has not done as well as we would have liked this year. We are repeating the breeding and hoping for 3 does!

Yodel freshened with one of the best toplines we have had in the herd. She has the high rear udder and very tight foreudder this family is noted for.


Yodel does not have a good front end. Her shoulders are a bit loose and she wings out a bit. Both of these conditions are more apparent due to her extreme dairy character.

She is bred to*B Lucky Star's AV Xavier BUCKS.



yo  yo1  yo3



Top Yodel as a 3 year old Spring 2011

Middle as a 2 year old summer 2010

Bottom Yodel as a yearling milker--Spring 2009