Ebony Family 2017 Kids

Barani's 2017 daughter --Lucky Star's BH Jharak

Emmaray's 2017 daughter --Lucky Star's TD Jemma

Zaray's 2016 daughter -- Lucky Star's LX Harmony


A few of these kids will be for sale as milkers in the spring. Contact us for information.

Lucky Star's BH Jharak
S- *B Barnowl Hanuman Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LX Barani 5*M LA 92 Ebony Page

DOB 4/4/2017




About Jharak:


Jharack is one of our most elegant doe kids this year.

She exhibits the strong dairy strength of this family.


Jharak will be bred to *B Texas Girl FL Jefferson Bucks

rear      ;  side 

Jharak-- Summer 2017

Lucky Star's TD Jemma
S-+*B Tempo Cai Daniel Bucks

D- SG Lucky*Star's Emmaray 5*M Ebony Page

DOB 3/4/2017



About Jemma:

Jemma is a very large robust doe kid who has lots of potential with a very long dairy look to her.


Jemma will be bred to *B Texas Girl FL Jefferson Bucks


rear  side

Jemma summer of 2017.

Lucky Star's LX Harmony
S-+*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier Reference Bucks

D- SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Zaray 4*M Ebony Page

DOB 6/1/2016



About Harmony:

Harmony has Judi's heart just being a doe from Zaray and full sister to Barani and Emmaray.

She oozes dairy character as her siblings do and will freshen here. This doe cruises the pasture as flat as can be and we expect she will do just as her sister did level out as she matures.


Harmony has been bred to *B Texas Girl FL Jefferson Bucks


rear  side

Harmony at 1 year old.

hars  hars

Harmony at 2 months old.

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