2022-2023 Planned Breedings

2022 Fall Planned Breeding list will be updated in a month or so!

We are taking deposits on both buck and doe kids for spring 2023.

Updated 3/20/2023. WEB site is only partially updated at this time.

    N/A= nothing available

Bred Date**
1st Freshners
Bred Date**
LOT Vivian *#*#* NO  
Experiemental Doe Kid:
RY Zaray *#*#* NO  


DRY Will be a dry yearling
RY Accolade *#*#* NO  
Nigerian Dwarf Doe Kids

RA Cheers



  Casual Friday Jazz Man Nov. 2, 2022**
LX Drama Jiangxi Kidded --N/A   SuperTipsy Rhett B. Dec.17, 2022**
LX Favor Jiangxi Kidded --N/A    
Tellurous-"Rosy"-Alpine *#*#* NO  
Lamancha Doe Kids:
ME Johansen Jiangxi Kidded --N/A   RJ Pageant Nevado Kidded --N/A
TD Kudos Jiangxi

Kidded --N/A

  RM Parable Nevado Kidded --N/A
RJ Limelight Nevado Nov. 3, 2022**   RM Panara DRY Will be a dry yearling
RJ Lara Magic Kidded --N/A   RJ Parker Magic Dec. 25, 2022**
RJ Liv Lugosi Kidded --N/A   RJ Praise Lugosi Kidded --N/A
RJ Monroe Nevado Dec. 4, 2022**   LL Polkadot Nevado Kidded --N/A
RJ Minty Nevado Kidded --N/A   LOT Poppy Nevado Kidded --N/A
RJ Nice-Nice Lugosi Kidded --N/A   AN Penelope Magic Jan. 20, 2023**
RJ Novak Magic Dec. 4, 2022**   RM Perabo DRY Will be a dry yearling
RJ Natalie Lugosi Kidded --N/A   RM Pickford DRY Will be a dry yearling
All above test CAE Negative at time breeding was confirmed!


Kidded -FS please contact us kids may be FOR SALE.

*See Bucks on the "BUCK" web page.

**Confirmed from Bio-tracking . ***Confirmed Ultra sound

*#*#* These does are now retired and we no longer plan to breed them at this time.

This is an effort to reduce our spring work load.

DRY=We plan at this time to keep these young does dry this coming spring.


N/A =Nothing available at this time. Contact us for an update.