We were up all night protecting the place!

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Description and Requirements:
Here is a brief description of ASD's and some of the requirements for keeping an Anatolian Shepherd Dog.


Deeks Fiona 1/4/2015 litter


Deeks Deeks: Our Pup from Abby's 2014 litter


Abby: Our wonderful fabulous girl! 1/4/2015 litter

An outstanding livestock dog.


Ziva: Beauty and Brains-she has it all.


Worf:A loyal guard and our LaMancha's favorite ASD.



...and over the Rainbow Bridge...

mn Bahar:This is the pup we kept from our 2003 litter.

Halim:This is the pup we kept from our 2001 litter.

Jazz & Tipi: Jazz & Tipi - Two experienced watchers.

Zoë: A natural livestock guard
2001 Puppy Pics!
2003 Puppy Pics!

Pasha: Our 1st Anatolian and foremost guardian.

Anatolian Shepherds are an ancient breed of livestock guardian dog from Turkey. They are thought to have originated from Roman dogs of war that were put to more peaceable use once the fighting was over. For over 2,000 years, they have protected Turkish flocks and herds from the predations of wolf packs.

Anatolians are big, strong, swift, intelligent and independent-minded. Big means they don't normally make good house pets. Strong means they will intimidate any other dog on the place, but it also means they will intimidate any interloper intent on harming you or your animals. Swift means as soon as your back is turned they're gone. Intelligent means they can think for themselves, and independent-minded means they consider obedience optional.

They do not protect things, but rather protect their family ... whomever they consider that to be, whether goats, chickens, humans, or horses. You can't change these characteristics of the breed, so you need to decide before you buy one if this is what you want in a dog.