Blast from the Past
Here are some of our previous Champions:
The Dams, Granddams, Great Granddams, etc. of our Current Does.

This page is for you breed history buffs and those who like to see what's behind our current does. The order is from most recent does to some from the distant past.

Photo to the left is Judi Hoy with Rosa Maria - our first Grand Champion Lamancha.

SGCH Lucky Star's LX Epic 4*M
S- ++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier ELITE Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's RY Acclaim 3*M Past Does

DOB 2/25/2014


1-00 305 2260 108 4.6% 82 3.6%

2-00 305 2770 123 4.4% 99 3.9%

3-01 287 2935 124 4.2% 104 3.5%

4-00 268 3055 127 4.2% 106 3.5% (in progress)


LA 2-06 90 V E E E

LA 3-03 92 E E E E Excellent in Front legs, rear legs, back and rump

LA 4-04 92 E E E E Excellent in Head, Shoulder assembly, front legs, Back and Rump


PTI 212 202

PTA 180M 8F 7P

About Epic: ELITE DOE DNA TYPED --Alpha s1 Casein is A/A

Epic is waiting for state fair to make her show debut for 2018 as we opted to not take any permanent champions out to lessen the show work load.

Epic made quite the splash as a 3 year old. She was shown 6 times and was GCH 3 times and RGCH 2 times. She also had a BEST IN SHOW WIN proving Don's faith in her.

As a 2 year old she was shown 6 times-- 4 times first and 2 times second.

She was the third place, second mammary at the 2015 national show as a yearling. This is one of Don's, far and away favorite does in a long time. And why not she milks well, shows well and appraises well.



epic 1  epic2

 side  rear udder

Top- Epic as a 4 year old --Summer 2018

Bottom- Epic as a 3 year old --Spring 2017


SGCH Lucky Star's LX Barani 5*M
S- SGCH *B Lucky Star's AV XavierReference Bucks
D- Lucky Star's RY Zaray 4*M Zaray Page

DOB 3/12/2011


LA 1-02 89 V E V E

LA 2-03 91 E E E E (on an extended lactation)

LA 3-04 92 E E E E

LA 5-06 91 E E E E Excellent in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Back and Rump

LA 6-03 91 E E E E Excellent in Back and Rump


1-01 305 2530 116 4.6% 107 3.6%

1-01 573 4380 200 4.6% 159  3.6 extended

3-00 305 2940 114 3.9% 100 3.4%

4-00 305 3600 140 3.6% 118 3.3% Top Ten

5-02 261 1910 77 4.0% 76 3.5% (teat injury)

6-00 225 2086 78 3.7% 73 3.5%

6-10 254 2984 112 3.8% 97 3.3% (dried early)


PTI 233 226

PTA 236M 8F 8P

About Barani: ELITE DOE DNA typed

6th generation GCH doe and 3rd generation TOP TEN in milk production. This is consistency at it's best. Barani is a very growthy doe. She also is a very persistent milker. She is a nice blend of both Zaray and Vivian's family.


In 2014 she earned 2 GCH legs and a BEST IN SHOW win.Her first show out in 2015 she was GCH and finish her GCH title.

She severly injured one teat on the trip home from state fair in 2015 and although we are able to milk her she had a canula in her teat for months and has suffered from chronic mastitsis on that side ever since. Given this blemish she is retired from the show ring and her milk records reflect the problem. She is too good a doe not continue to breed her.


We would like every doe in the barn to resemble this doe. On another note she has several sons doing very well in other herds.




Bar side

 baranie2 bar4    

          Top-Barani as a 7 and 6 year old .

Middle -Barani as 3 year old Summer of 2014

SGCH Lucky Star's AZ Anjelica 5*M
S- *B Alder*Rose Zakharov Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/12/2010


LA 1-04 V V V E 88

LA 2-05 V E E E 90

LA 3-04 V E V E 90

LA 4-05 E E E E 91

LA 6-06 E E E E 92


1-01 286 2130 92 4.3% 71 3.3%

2-00 305 2330 103 4.4% 77 3.3%

3-00 313 2470 111 4.5% 85 3.4%

4-00 299 2700 118 4.4% 87 3.2%

4-11 422 3230 124 3.8% 102 3.2%

6-03 220 1580 64 4.1% 50 3.2%

7th lactation cut short to reduce chores.

About Anjelica:

Angelica quickly made a mark in the show ring and received lots of attention with her lovely capacious mammary as a yearling. She came back to the show ring as a 2 year old placing first in her class 4 times and 2- RGCH and 1-GCH with one BEST IN SHOW and 2 times BEST UDDER OF BREED and 1 time BEST UDDER IN SHOW at the large North West Oregon dairy goat show in June.

As a 3 year old she finish earning her GCH in the competitive northwest with 2 GCH wins and we were delighted.

Anjelica is producing close to 3,000 this year and has plenty of butter fat and protien- a cheese makers delight.


She is retired from the milk and show string.

anj anjr  anj3


   Anjelica as a 6 year old August 2016

SG Lucky Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M
S- *B Tempo Apolo Ono Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/19/2011


LA 1-05 E E E E 89

LA 2-03 E E E E 90

LA 3-04 E E E E 92


1-00 305 2440 108 4.4% 84 3.4%

1-00 322 2510 113 4.5% 87 3.5% extended

2-00 279 2160 87 4.0% 74 3.4%

3-00 286 2470 103 4.2% 81 3.3%

3-11 305 2820 119 4.2%98 3.5%


PTI 127 132

PTA 105M 4F 5P

About Bette Davis:

this was a crushing loss to us in the winter of 2017.

1st place 4 year old at the 2015 National Show-she is really coming into her own as she matures.

Yet another "Excellent" Vivian daughter. She has many 1st place wins and a few RGCH's and we look forward to continuing to show this doe.


With a high test of 13.3#'s, an all E appraisal score as a yearling and an EC CH daughter-Charlize (owned by Babcock's) what more could you want? She is the doe most like her dam. And look at her solids-great milk.

She had the 4th beautiful doe kid from Bravo-- EC,EC, EC- EC overall as a kid and is now a lovely milker--Elke see below. Her 3 year old daughter, Debra, is also pictured below.


bet1 bet2 bet3


Top-- Bette Davis as a 4 year old at Natinals-2015

Bottom-- Bette Davis as a 3 year old August 2014


SGCH Lucky Star's RY Acclaim 3*M
S- +*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka Reference Buck
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M
Dandy Page

DOB 1/28/2010


LA 1-03 89 E E V E

LA 2-04 91 E E E E

LA 3-04 92 E E E E

LA 4-07 92 E E E E


1-00 316 2140 98 4.6% 98 3.7%

2-01 288 2520 112 4.4% 89 3.5%

3-00 279 2520 108 4.3% 89 3.5%

4-00 299 2060 89 4.3% 74 3.6%

5-00 266 2370 100 4.2% 83 3.5


PTI 161 204

PTA 114M 4F 4P

About Acclaim: ELITE DOE

We lost Acclaim after kidding this spring she was nice enough 2 have 2 bucks and a doe. and we were nice enough to go through with the pre-order for her doe kid.

Acclaim fell as a 5 year old doe just beofre giving birth to 36 pounds worth of quad kids. She broke one foot and ended her show career. We continued to breed her, but relieved her from most of her milking duties. She had few daughters and we only kept one-Epic who has already followed in her dams hoof prints SGCH, 92EEEE do who is Don's favorite.

Acclaim ffinished as a yearling in strong Northwest competition at 2 different shows. This is an accomplishment and gives you a clue to how nice she is.

She has continued to develop into a lovely mature doe. This doe takes the word balance to new levels and with this year's production she is reaching every goal we set for her.





acc1  acc2


Top-Acclaim as a 3 year old- still getting better!

Middle-- Acclaim as a 2 year old-she just gets better!

SGCH Lucky Star's QM Paradigm 3*M
S- ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's F Krystal 2*M

DOB 2/1/2001

LA 3-07 92 E E E V
LA 7-04 92 E E E E

LA 9-04 92 E E E E Even an "E" in feet at 9 years old


1-00 305 2050 73 3.6% 61 3.0%
2-00 305 3020 99 3.3% 89 2.9%
3-00 305 3540 121 3.4% 107 3.0%
4-02 305 3480 117 3.4% 103 3.0%
extended 594 5760 200 3.4% 170 3.0%
6-00 293 3610 123 3.4% 103 2.9%
7-02 305 3950 142 3.6% 109 2.8%
8-03 305 3510 117 3.3% 95 2.7%

9-03 305 3060 116 3.8% 86 2.8%

extended 9-03 424 3970 150 3.8% 111 2.8%

11-01 305 3110 120 3.9% 83 2.7%

11-01 418 3800 145 3.9% 102 2.8% extended

LIFETIME (so far) 3408 34,210 1212

PTI 226 244

About Paradigm:

This beautiful doe will be 13 years old in the spring and she stands on great feet and legs and yes MILKS as well--you can do both.

Paradigm is a long, tall doe who matured slowly, but boy has she been worth the wait. Far and away Judi's long time favorite- she finished as a 6 yr. old in 2007 at 2 shows earning all 3 legs that year. She was also the third place 5 & 6 year old at the 2007 national show (out of 25). Her quality is also reflected in her appraisal scores and her milk records.


Paradigm's life time so far is 3408 days/ 34,210 pounds.


Her attractive daughter in our herd, Zaray is fast becoming a favorite--milking and appraising as well as her dam.


She is bred to*B Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around BUCKS

Any doe kids will be retained.

para1    para2     para3
Paradigm at 7 years old in 2008 on the left and at 9 YEARS OLD on the right!

SG Lucky Star's AV Yvonne II 5*M
S- Altrece Very Berry Reference Bucks
D- Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Vivian Page

DOB 3/1/2008


LA 3-04 91 E E E E

LA 4-05 90 E V V E


2-00 289 2690 112 4.2% 112 3.3%

2-11 305 2420 106 4.4% 81 3.3%

3-11 305 2320 91 3.9% 78 3.4%

PTI 32 42

About Yvonne II:

Reserve All-American 4 year old.

Yvonne II looks just like her dam, Vivian, except with an "E" head. She is one of 6 very nice milking Vivian daughters-all sisters to our herdsire-Xavier.


She is proving herself in the show ring placing 1st with several RGCH and 1 GCH to her credit. She is a reasonable milker, who shows well and appraises well.


Her mammary is one of the prettiest ones we have with perfect teat placement.

Spring of 2013 brought tragedy to our barn with the loss of a huge favorite-Yvonne II. This doe needed one more leg for her GCH and she was to be center for our 2013 show string. The birth of a huge single buck ended that--She just never recovered from that stressful birth.


YvonneII3   Yvonneii4    YvonneII2    yvonne Ii1

Yvonne II as a 4 year old

SGCH Lucky Star's QM a-Rresting 6*M
S: ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D: SGCH Lucky Star's QK a-Llure 5*M Blast from the Past

LA 4-04 92 E E E E June 2006
LA 6-04 91 V E E E June 2008

Dry on Appraisal day 2010

2-11 305 2900 105 3.6% 89 3.1%
3-11 305 3120 112 3.6% 95 3.0%
5-01 273 2880 112 3.9% 88 3.1%
6-00 316 3140 120 3.8% 95 3.0%


a-Rresting has been retired from the milk string for the past 2 years- her choice not ours. So we don't know if she will settle this year.

About a-Rresting:

a-Rresting is a very nice looking 7 year old, who has many show wins to her credit. She has been the ALC Specialty GCH with 30 milkers in attendance. She has a very nice rear udder with especially nice teat placement and one of the longest flattest rumps in the herd. a-Rresting did not travel as well as we would have liked standing for all 1500 miles to Nationals in 2007, but was nevertheless 6th out of 25 in the 5 & 6 year old class. She was also part of our 2007 Best in Show Dairy Herd.



arrest1  arrest2  arrest3  arrest4
Left Photos are at 4 years old & Right Photos are at 6 years old taken June 2008

GCH Lucky Star's QM Prismea 5*M

S: +*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D: SG Lucky Star's QK Narnea 4*M LA 90 Blast from the Past

LA 3-05 91 E V E E
LA 5-03 89 E + V E
LA 7-03 89 E A V E


1-11 305 1940 67 3.5% 62 3.2%
3-01 261 1740 55 3.2% 57 3.3%


Prismea has long been retired from the milking string and is being kept as a brood doe--a job she does well!

About Prismea:

Prismea's first show of 2004 earned her one GCH leg, but her second 2 ring show earned her 2 GCH wins with 30 milkers shown in one ring and 27 shown in the other ring. We think these impressive wins justify Don's faith in this special doe. She, in addition to outstanding feet and legs, exhibits more overall area of udder attachment then almost any doe in our herd. She is the first "E" in general appearance in the Bewitched family to go along with their consistant E's in mammary..

See Prismea's lovely daughters Yodel and Zardeenah Reference does

Pris2    Pris1
Prismea - 3 years old

SGCH Lucky Star's QK a-Llure 5*M
Bewitched's Granddaughter - Retired 2007

S: SGCH ++*B Quixote Kate's Kareem
D: Lucky Star's C Karisma 4*M (full sister to Fay and Fanciful and to Kanga who appraised 90) Fay and Fanciful are pictured on the Blast from the Past page

LA 2-03 90 V E E E
LA 4-03 90 V E E E
LA 5-03 90 V E E E

1-10 300 3330 120 3.6% 104 2.9% (TOP TEN)
2-10 301 3780 152 4.0% 118 3.1% (TOP TEN)
3-09 305 3190 122 3.8% 96 3.0% (TOP TEN)
4-10 305 3200 120 3.8% 95 3.0%


About a-Llure:

a-Llure, as a 2 year old, achieved all our goals and continued to make her mark. She finished as a 2 year old with 2 BOB, 3 GCH and 5 RGCH. As a 3 year old in her one outing she was GCH and BOB. Her lactations and appraisal score just reinforce how pretty this doe is. If this isn't enough she has been All-American three times, as a yearling, a 2 year old and a 3 yr old.


a-Lure's daughter in our herd is a-Rresting and Cindy Silva's X-Tea is leaving her mark.

We are carrying this line back in our herd with the addition of *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi to our herd.

The Rockin-CB herd has many famous does from this line.



a-Llure at 3 years old.

SG Lucky Star's LOT Wedgewood 3*M
S- *B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill Reference BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's QK Patina 2*M Blast from the Past


Not appraised as a mature doe deemed not in condition-DRY

1-00 301 2030 88 4.3% 64 3.5%
1-11 305 3240 138 4.3% 106 3.3%


About Wedgewood:

Wedge has been a favorite since she was born. We even gave her to our granddaughter when they were both weeks old. She has milked very well and was first place both as a yearling and two year old. We keep one doe kid for our granddaughter and Madison sells any sons and other daughters (her college fund).

Wedge aborted last year, but talk about will to milk we just started milking her after about 3 weeks from aborting. Her high test so far is 8.2--pretty amazing! She was even 2nd place 3 year old at sate fair.

This past year she didn't kid so we are trying one more time this year to freshen this special doe.


She will bred to Just as I am RVR Zion BUCKS Prior kids include the very pretty Madame X--See below!.

Wedgewood1    Wedgewood2
Wedgewood - 2 years old - 2008

GCH Lucky Star's QM Noteworthy *M
S: +*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D: Lucky Star's One Merit
DD: Lucky Star's H Kilter (Jewel's full sister)

LA 4-06 91 E E E E
LA 6-04 90 E E E E
LA 8-04 90 V V E E

2-00 301 1750 78 4.5% 59 3.4%
2-11 305 2030 97 4.8% 69 3.4%

About Noteworthy:

Noteworthy was a kid that Judi picked out at ten minutes old, took pictures and e-mailed them to various friends to predict just how "Noteworthy" this kid was. She has lived up to all our expectations and then some. She was the District 7 Lamancha Specialty GCH and also had 1 BIS win as a 2 year old. She also has several BOB wins.


She has several nice daughters and one remains in our herd-Xhibit.


We lost Noteworthy the day her daughter Xhibit finished her GCH.

Far Left Photo: Noteworthy 6 at years old. Far Right Photo: Noteworthy at 4 years old.
In 2005 she also was the GCH and BOB winner at our largest Fair an honor held by other notable does, Jalepeno, Krystal and Patina putting her in elite company!

SG Lucky Star's QM Tweedledee 5*M

S- *B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's QK Narnea 4*M LA 90 Blast from the Past

LA 2-04 90 E V V E June 2006
LA 4-04 88 + E E E July 2008


3-00 288 3040 129 4.3% 102 3.4%
3-11 318 3130 146 4.7% 107 3.4%


About Tweedledee:

Tweedledee is everything you would want in a doe, except her coloring. Her shows have earned her many blue ribbons and lots of praise. As a 5 year old she continues to be at the top of her class, but she does not have the general appearance you expect from today's Lamanchas. She has an amazing mammary with letter perfect teats, size, shape and placement. Her milk volume, great taste and great components make her a farm favorite.

Tweedle crossed the rainbow bridge spring of 2010-a very hard loss for the farm.

Tweedledee -  Pictured at 4 years old

SGCH Lucky Star's QK Patina 2*M
S- SGCH ++*B Quixote's Kate's Kareem  Kareem
D- GCH Lucky Star's L Ebony 1*M See Below
LA 3-06 93 E E E E
LA 5-02 92 E E E E
1-11 305 3330 112 3.4% 102 3.1% (Top Ten)
2-10 371 3920 150 3.9% 129 3.3% (Top Ten)
4-11 302 3190 104 3.3% 95 3.0%
About Patina:
In prior years -- Patina's first show with 24 Lamancha milkers earned her her first GCH leg, the next ring her second leg and next show (28 millkers) finished her! Patina went on to be GCH at "state fair" BOB, and YES the third of our does to be BEST IN SHOW at this fair. Patina died very unexpectedly and we still regret this lose to our breeding program.
Patina - 3 years old

SG Lucky Star's QK Narnia 4*M
2000-retired in 2006

S: GCH ++*B Quixote Kate's Kareem
D: GCH Lucky Star's Y Bewitched 3*M See Below
LA 4-07 90 V E E E
0-11 303 2020 69 3.4% 67 3.3%
1-10 305 2910 103 3.5% 96 3.3%
2-11 305 3160 108 3.4% 101 3.0%
3-11 372 3900 129 3.3% 124 3.1%

About Narnia:

Narnia has earned 2 GCH legs. She has 4 RGCH's to her credit. Her lovely mammary has earned her the farm name "MISS UDDER". After a terrible kidding in 2006 we have made the difficult decision to retire Narnia- She has many daughters and grand

daughters in our herds and in other herds as well.

Her daughter Tweedledee is still in the herd.


Narnia at years old.

2005 Reserve National Champion
SGCH Lucky Star's F Krystal 2*M

S- SGCH ++*BWinterwood's Z Firestorm Reference Bucks
D- GCH Lucky Star's L Ebony 1*M See Below
2000 3-05 91 E E E E
2002 5-05 92 E E E E
3-11 305 3060 129 4.2% 100 3.0%
5-00 305 2940 117 4.0% 96 3.3%
7-10 297 2210 95 4.3% 71 3.2%

About Krystal:

In 2007 Krystal at age 10 was BEST OF BREED at state fair her only show this year! In 2005 Krystal freshened on Jan 7th with single doe kid. We decided at 8 years old she still looks just the same and so took her to one show where she was BEST IN SHOW in both rings and then decided maybe we should take her Nationals where she was the 2005 Reserve National Champion. Thank you to judges Acton, Bice and Klein! Krystal, in 2002, was 3 times BOB, and 1 Best in Show (165 milkers) and was the District 7 Specialty BOB for the 3rd year in a row. If that isn't enough she was also BEST IN SHOW at the prestigious Western Washington Fair an honor few Lamanchas have won. She was also the "Total Performer" for the 2005 National Show
Best of all she passes on her good traits. See her daughter Paradigm. We do not plan to breed her this year-2008

Left Photo: Krystal 5 years old.
Right Photo: Krystal in the ring at the 2005 National show at 8 years old.

SGCH Lucky Star's H Jewel 7*M

S: GCH +*B Windysprings Highpoint Reference Bucks
D: SGCH Lucky Star's L Dandy 6*M See Below
LA 8-06 91 E E E E
2-00 305 3120 107 3.4% 92 2.9%
2-11 305 3090 116 3.8% 95 3.1%
3-11 305 3900 135 3.5% 112 2.9%
4-10 300 3310 130 3.9% 94 2.8%
5-10 305 2950 110 3.7% 84 2.9%

About Jewel:

Jewel finished her championship as a 5 year old. She was Top Ten doe on her 2nd lactation, then dry only 45 days came back to milk another 3,000 #'s. Her 10 lactation total production is 28440! She was not on test from 2006 to 2009.

She is in 2009 the current ADGA lifetime Lamancha breed leader

Jewel at 5 years old.

GCH Lucky Star's C Hermia 2*M

S: +*B Me's-Ranch Alex Check Mate
D: GCH Lucky Star's L Desdemona 1*M
LA 7-04 90 E E E E
5-00 280 2740 96 3.5% 90 3.2%
6-11 152 1630 58 3.7% 50 3.1%(in progress)

About Hermia:

Hermia had several Best of Breed wins. She had one of the best-attached mammaries in the herd (she isn't pictured full). She was often overlooked because of her red coloration, but she milked well and her appraisal score indicated her quality. Best of all she passed it on and has many lovely sons from Kareem.


Hermia at 7 years old.

Lucky Star's C Fanciful 4*M

S: +*B Me's Ranch Alex Check Mate
D: GCH Lucky Star's Y Bewitched 3*M See Below
Most recent LA 4-04 89 + E E E
(excused as dry as an 8 and 9 year old)
Best 2-00 305 2810 101 3.6%

About Fanciful:

Fanciful had 2 legs toward her permanent champion and has several very nice permanent champion offspring. Both her sons and daughters have been successful in the show ring and in producing nice offspring. For example, Java, her 6 year old daughter has BIS wins and appraised EEEE 91 at 6 yrs. old-congratulations Pete Snyder. Her 2002 kid, Rollick, was Best In Show at the Indiana State Fair over 399 dry does- Congratulations Jean and Harold Miller.


GCH Lucky Star's C Fay 4*M

S:+*B Me's Ranch Alex Check Mate
D:GCH Lucky Star's Y Bewitched 3*M See Below
Most recent LA 4-04 90 V E E E
Best 4-11 305 2260 83 3.7% 82 3.6%

About Fay:

Fay had several Best of Breed wins. Fay produced several lovely sons and very few daughters. Her buck kids have been successful in reproducing her good type. She has also been an All-American winner twice. Her sons Rogue, Peter Pan, Neopolitan, Merlin, Lazarus, and Karma . This doe was very special and 8 years old was too young to lose her. She is missed.


GCH Windy Spring Shining Sand 7* M

S-+*B Windysprings Sea Spray (LA 90 E E E )
D-Windysprings Magic Sea Shine 6*M (LA 90 E E V E)
Her appraisal scores are:
3-05 89 E E V V
4-05 87 V E E E
7-05 88 V A E E

Her high milk record was:
1-11 305 2120 104 4.9%
6-00 305 2290 105 4.6 98 4.3%

About Sand:

She had the most wonderful tasting milk imaginable. And please note over 100#’s of fat and the highest protein doe we have ever had. She didn’t put a lot of water in the bucket. Sand finished with two BEST IN SHOW wins. There were 124 milkers in the shows. She has many relatives in several herds.

Sand has a son, Volcanic Sand, who is producing lovely offspring for the Harmony Way herd.

Windy Spring's Shining Sand

GCH Lucky Star's L Ebony 1*M

S: +*B Clovertop's Louie Torres
D: CH Lucky Star's A Cameo
(Sold as a yearling milker)
Her last LA 5-02 91 E E E E
7-10 291 2300 90 3.9% 65 2.8%
8-10 138 1400 55 3.9% 37 2.6% (in progress)

About Ebony:

Ebony had several Best of Breed wins. She was not as milky as some of our other does, but her daughters are very good milkers. Krystal, Patina and Rosetta Ebony Family. Ebony may well be the strongest brood doe we have had, in that her quality is seen in her daughters, sons and granddaughters. Ebony leaves a great legacy in Krystal and Patina as well as descentants of Rosetta. She also leaves several sons Ra, Platinum Paint, Lancelot, Kurious George and Kryptonite in other herds.


GCH Lucky Star's L Dandy 6*M

S: +*B Clovertop's Louie Torres
D: GCH Lucky Star's QA Xquisite 5*M (L.A. 90)
DD: GCH Lucky Star's Rosa Maria (L.A. 92)
Last two appraisals:
4-08 91 V E E E
5-07 90 E E E V

Best 3-00 305 3060 133 4.3%
8-01 305 2790 106 3.8% 88 3.2%

About Dandy:

Dandy has many Best of Breed and Best in Show wins as well as being the 1st place 3 year old at her only National show. Dandy had her last kid (Mr. Wonderful) the spring of 2006 at 14 plus years old and died peacefully the summer of 2006 at 14 1/2. Many daughters and granddaughters are in our herd and the herds of others. She was a special doe who is missed!



GCH Lucky Star's L Delphinium 7*M

S: +*B Clovertop's Louie Torres
D: GCH Lucky Star's ZG Allspice (L.A. 90)
Her last appraisal 5-04 91 E E E E
6-09 305 3170 122 3.8% 87 2.7%

About Delphinium:

Delphinium is the 3rd doe who achieved all our goals. She has appraised 91, was a GCH and completed a lactation over 3,000 #'s. She also has several daughters and nieces that are finished or have GCH legs. Delphinium's most important trait is that she passes on her good qualities to her sons and daughters. Unfortunately, for us, we have sold them all. We will be keeping her 2003 doe kids. Sadly she died giving birth to 3 dead buck kids the winter of 2003 so there will be no kids for us. This was a very hard loss as there are no direct descendants in our herd. She does leave many lovely offspring in other herds, such as notable sons Joseph's Coat, Leland, L-Way, Mesquite and grandson Lewsia.


GCH Lucky Star's Y Crazy Cradle 3*M

S-++*B Lucky Star's NB Yauldson
D-GCH Lucky Star's Yo-Yo 2*M FS-90

About Crazy Cradle:

Crazy was the 1995 National Champion. She was our second National Champion and one of only 3 does we took that year. She does not have any direct descendants in the herd but does have many nieces through Bewitched. Her premature death was a real blow to our herd at the time.


How did Crazy Cradle get such a strange name? Her mother was named Yo-Yo, and "The Crazy Cradle" is a difficult Yo-Yo trick, derived from "Rock the Baby in the Cradle".

Crazy Cradle

GCH Lucky Star's Y Bewitched 3*M

S-++*B Lucky Star's NB Yauldson
D-GCH Lucky Star's Yo-Yo 2*M FS-90

Her last appraisal is: 7-04 90 V E E E
And, if you're still not impressed, just check out 3 of her milk records:
2-10 305 3210 125 3.9%
3-10 305 2750 106 3.9%
4-10 305 2820 120 4.3 %
She milked 22,990 #’s in her lifetime.

About Bewitched:

Bewitched was 14 years old when she died. Her mammary was as sound as an old doe as when she was young . She was appraised “Excellent” reflecting her quality. Her show record is impressive. She has two Specialty Best of Breeds, she was twice Best of Breed and Best Udder of Breed at our state fair, as well as 2nd place 1st udder and 3rd place/2nd udder at National Shows. Even more important she has many notable offspring. There are numerous granddaughters in the herd.