Watch Jalapeño Grow!
From 5 months to 8 years old--

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We thought you might enjoy seeing one of our does develop from a young kid to an 8 year old. She was named at birth by a close friend who video taped Jalapeño when she was born (first trip to the goat farm!). Jalapeño was full of promise from the first day and earned her dry leg her first show season.


She earned her second leg as a yearling attending only one open show. She finished as a 2 year old. She continued to develop nicely and had many Best of Breed wins as a 5 year old and was Best in Show at our largest show. She has also been the American Lamancha Club Supreme All-American.


Later in the slideshow, you can see her as a 6 year old on appraisal day. The last pictures of her were as an 8 year old in April, 2004.

Jalapeño "crossed the rainbow bridge" the winter of 2007 as an 11 year old

GCH Lucky Star's F Jalepeno 8*M


S- GCH ++*BWinterwood's Z Firestorm
D- Lucky Star's L Essence 7*M
(full sister to Delphinium)
2000 Appraisal 4-06 91 E E E E
2002 Appraisal 6-06 91 E E E E
3-11 286 2390 95 4.0% 82 3.4%
5-11 305 2600 109 4.2% 86 3.3%

Jalopeno is Judi's reigning favorite with her many BOB wins and BEST DOE IN SHOW at
state fair in 2000.  She has been several times All-American and  she was the 2001 the Supreme All-American winner.
They don't get much more correct than Jalepeno!