Reference Does
Here are some of our previous does who are the relatives of our current does. These does were sold and are pictured for your reference.

Order is Youngest to oldest does and often the most recently sold first. Since we name does for the tattoo letter of the year. 2018 are K, 2017 does are J, 2016 does are H, 2015 Does are F, 2014 does E, 2013 Does D, 2012 does C, Does 2011 does are B then "A"'s and then "Z"'s etc.

Lucky*Star's RJ Luster 7*M
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi "JAX" Bucks
D- Lucky Star's TD Jemma 6*M LA 89 as a first freshener above

DOB 4/1/2019


1-00 305 3229 106 3.3% 88 2.7%

High test was 14.3 pounds


PTA 331M 7F 7P

About Luster: ELITE DOE (as a yearling) DNA and Alpha Casein A/E


Luster turned out to be a real star in the milk room, however she has not regained her weight after kidding as she leaves everything in the milk pail.

She is pictured below in her wnter clothes in January. She freshened in MAy 2021 with twins and we have retained her doe kid- Nuance.






SG Lucky*Star's RJ Kacey 5*M
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LX Drama 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 4/1/2018


1-00 302 1972 85 4.3% 73 3.7%

2-01 243 2180 89 4.1% 72 3.3% (in progress)


LA 1-02 86 + V V V Excellent Udder Texture


PTI 71 35

PTA 144M 2F 6P

About Kacey: DNA Typed Alpha s1 Casein is A/A

Kacey was one of six kids Drama had spring 2018 (she weghted 2.5 pounds) and it took her awhile for her to catch up in size, but she has and the "left- over" kid has turned into a pretty yearling milker and a very substantial 2 year old. Like her dam she is still immature and we are excited to see her next year.



kac  kac

June 2020


Lucky*Star's RJ Keira 7*M-SOLD
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's LB Courtney 6*M Reference Does

DOB 3/1/2018


LA 1-03 88 V E V E

1-00 236 1887 63 3.3% 58 3.1% (in progress)

PTI 79 108

PTA 56M -1F 2P

About Keira:

This young beauty had our attention as kid and the minute she freshened we were even more pleased. She milks well and is a sweet doe. Her teats could be a bit smaller, but boy is she easy to hand milk.


As a junior doe she earned her dry leg, but also was Best Junior Doe In Show. She was also part of BEST in SHOW Breeders Trio at the Washington Stae Fair.



Keira--Summer 2019

kiera1    kiera 2

Lucky*Star's RD Happy Hour 5*M-SOLD
S-SG *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco
D- SG Lucky Star's RA Cheers 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 4/1/2016


2-01 288 2053 80 3.9% 67 3.3%

2-11 166 1437 48 3.3% 46 3.2% (in Progress)


LA 2-03 89 V V E E (Excellent in Head, back and rump).

LA 3-02 90 E V E V (Excellent in Head, Front legs, Rear Legs, Back and rump).


PTI 38 60

PTA 51M 0F 1P

About Happy Hour: DNA typed --Alpha Casein A/A ----SOLD

Happy Hour was a late first freshening 2 year old this spring. We were not happy she gain a little excess weight. The good news is she is milking it off. She excels in length body and length of foreudder.


She was shown 3 times in 2018 and was 1st place all 3 times.




Happy Hour as 3 year old


 happy happy2   

Happy Hour as a first freshening-2 year old


SG Lucky*Star's LX Harmony 5*M-SOLD
S-++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier Reference Bucks

D- SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Zaray 4*M Zaray Page

DOB 6/1/2016


LA 2-01 88 V V V E (as first freshener)

Excellent in Rear legs


1-08 305 3152 121 3.8% 100 3.2% (in progress)


PTI 207 172

PTA 253M 7F 7P

About Harmony: ELITE DOE SOLD

Harmony is not quite ready for prime time. Like her sisters she will have to wait until she is just a bit older to be competitive, but when she is ready we think she is the nicest of the 3 Zaray daughters in our herd. Just look at her first lactation and that tells you why Judi loves this one as much as her sisters..


She oozes dairy character and has the sweetest disposition for everybody, not just Judi



har5 har3 har1

Harmony--Summer 2018 as a 1st freshening 2 yr. old     

Lucky Star's GE Hip-Hip 4*M --SOLD
S- *B Goat-San Eureka BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's RY Accolade 3*M Dandy Page

DOB 1/21/2016


1-01 318 2321 94 4.1% 85 3.7%


LA 1-04 86 + V V E Excellent in Mammary.


PTI 58 12

PTA 126M 4F 5P

About Hip-Hip: SOLD

Hip-Hip has not been shown in 2017. We decided to skip the yearling classes this spring. We are looking forward to this doe refresening as a 2 year old and hopefully NOT with quads. Yes she had quads as a yearling and we are delighted with how she recovered.

Hip-Hip earned her dry leg with her first appearance in the show ring this year at the District 7 Lamancha Specialty. This show had 30 kids entered so lots of nice Northwest competition for her.

Hip-Hip was bred to *B Texas Girl FL Jefferson BUCKS. Repeating Kool Kat. Kids Xhibit Family

hip2 hip1

Hip-Hip as a 4 year old on appraisal day  

SG Vineyard View Kauai Azalea 7*M

S- *B Kastdemur's Kauai

D- Vineyard View CU Anzu (a *B Lucky*Star's LX Called-up daughter)

DOB 2/28/2015


1-01 293 1480 69 4.7% 53 3.6%

2-01 237 1827 81 4.4% 6.4 3.5%

3-01 176 1406 66 4.7% 52 3.7% Dried early


LA 1-06 87 V E E V Excellent in Rump.

LA 2-03 92 V E E E Excellent in Rump and udder texture

LA 3-04 90 + E E E Excellent in Rump


PTI 113 84

PTA 57M 7F 3P

About Azalea: DNA Typed Alpha S1 Casein A/A -- SOLD

Azalea was purchased during the Colorama sale at the 2015 national show for our Grandddaughter. We have enjoyed having her in our herd. Her yearling daughter is one of the only 2 yearlings we retained this year.


She has mixed reviews in the show ring, but her lovely long body and wide rump appeal to many. She has an excellent mammary and is often "house milk" with her high butterfat.






aze aza2

 Azalea as a 3 year old on appraisal day


SG Lucky Star's LB Courtney--SOLD
S- *B Lucky Star's RA Bravo Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's AZ Anjelica 5*M

DOB 2/26/2012


LA 1-03 V V E V 87

LA 2-04 V E E E 90

LA 4-04 V E E E 91

LA 5-03 E E E E 91


1-01 282 1570 68 4.3% 61 3.9%

2-00 305 2490 109 4.4% 91 3.7%

3-00 300 2470 102 4.1% 91 3.7%

4-00 288 1980 83 4.2% 75 3.8%

4-11 210 2200 83 3.8% 79 3.6% (in progress)


PTI 39 74

PTA 4M 0F 3P

About Courtney:

After every Bravo kid from the Vivian family was spoken for-Don put his foot down and said he got to keep at least one. And since this one had a a spiffy bracelet and liked him-she was his choice.

Courtney is living up to all our hopes that we have had for her. Placing first when shown and both a GCH and RGCH win to her credit.

As a 4 year old she added another RGCH and 1st or 2nd as a 5 year old.



Courtney was sold to a dear friend this summer-Felecia Allen. This was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. But the good news is she is even more loved by Felecia and has a wonderful home.




court courtr

Courtney at 4 years old-- August of 2016

SG Lucky Star's LX Frolic 5*M- SOLD
S- *B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's RA Cheers 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/04/2015


1-01 266 2410 79 3.3% 65 2.7%


LA 1-06 88 V E E E Excellent in Shoulder Assembly, Front Legs and Rump.


ETA 52 61

About Frolic:


Frolic shows all the dairy strength you would expect from a Cheers/Xavier cross. We Call her little Vivian as she bears a striking resemblence to Vivian as a kid except with a more correct head.


frolic frolic    
Frolic --Summer 2016

SG Lucky Star's LD Fannie 5*M -SOLD
S- *B Lucky Star's KL Doubleplay BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Vivian page

DOB 1/28/2015


LA 1-06 V V E V 86


1-01 305 1800 82 4.6% 68 3.8

2-01 44 470 23 4.9% 19 4.0% (In Progress)


PTA 113M 6F 5P

About Fannie: ELITE DOE She foiund just the right home and re retained her 2017 doe kid Julia.

We are so pleased to have another Vivian daughter, however we find her head disappointing.

She is looking for just the right home. She is tall, long, level and looks like she will follow in the other family members foot steps except for her head.


fans fanr    
Fannie-- Summer 2016

SG Lucky Star's LB Elke-SOLD
S- *B Lucky Star's RA Bravo BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M LA 90 EEEE Vivian page

DOB 3/10/2014


LA 2-05 V E E E 89 Excellent in Head, Shoulder Assembly and Rump

LA 3-07 91 V E E E


1-01 238 1480 58 3.9% 51 3.4%

2-00 305 2940 113 3.8% 97 3.3%

2-11 137 2160 73 3.4% 67 3.1% (in Progress) projected at over 4,000.when sold.


PTI 141 125

PTA 101M 4F 4P

About Elke:

Last year we said--Elke is a very promising yearling who unfortunately contracted mastitsis at the national show due to our poor management. We are looking forward to her refreshening and milking from both halves in 2016.


Yep she came back with a venence and looks to milk over 3,000 as a 2 year old.

She is on the top ten list for 2018 after being moved in the heat of July to an even hoter climate.


We think the future is bright for this promising doe.


elker elkes elkeu

elke side      elke rear
Top is Elke as a 2 year old-- August 2016

Bottom is Elke as a yearling-- Summer 2015

SG Lucky Star's LD Emulate 5*M-SOLD
S-*B Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay ELITE BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's LX Drama 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 3/19/2014



1-01 209 1390 54 3.9% 49 3.5% (in progress)


Young Stock Linear Appraisal-- Very Good

Overall V EC V

EC in Shoulder Assembly, Back and Rump

About Emulate:

Emulate is a doe who just snuck up on us. We fully intended to sell her and turned up uneven while we were away from the farm so the sale was canceled and this is why we say we live under a "Lucky Star" now she gets to stay here.






emur  emus

Emulate Summer of 2015

SG Lucky Star's LX Diamond Dash-SOLD
S- *B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier ELITE BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's RA Burnish 4*M Reference does

DOB 3/22/2013


LA 1-05 89 V E V V

Excellent in back

1-00 270 1850 73 3.9% 56 3.0%

1-10 289 2350 93 4.0% 73 3.1% in progress

Young Stock Linear Appraisal-- Extremely Correct

Overall EC EC V

EC in Head, front legs,, rear legs, feet, back and rump

About Diamond Dash:


"Very correct kid who moves like she was floating." This was what we wrote about her as a kid and she still floats.




dia1    dia2

Diamond Dash Summer of 2014

SG Lucky Star's LX Dreamer-SOLD
S- *B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier ELITE BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's RY Accolade 3*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/23/2013


LA 1-06 88 V V V V

Excellent in back, rump and rear legs


1-00 145 1240 45 3.6 39 3.2% in progress

About Dreamer:

This pretty doe milks well and shows well. She was 1st once and second to Debra 2 times. She was first mammary 2 times.



dream2 dream1     dream2

Dreamer - Summer 2014 as a yearling

SGCH Lucky Star's TA Belize 5*M-SOLD
S- *B Tempo Apolo Ono Reference bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's AV Xiang 4*M Ebony Page

DOB 2/12/2011


LA 1-04 89 V V V E

LA 2-04 89 E E E V (only a couple days fresh)

LA 3-05 90 E E V E


1-03 305 2340 120 5.1% 107 3.0%

2-04 258 1440 70 4.9 48 3.3%

3-01 138 1260 54 4.3% 36 2.9% (in progress)




PTI 162 107

About Belize: ELITE DOE

Belize started her show career in style winning her dry leg and went on to be Best Junior Doe in Show.

Ok was that a prediction of what was to come? -We think so-- her first show out as a yearling and she earned a milking leg and her appraisal score also indicated her good type. She milks enough to please Judi, with a high yearling test of 11.2 pounds and with the same great butterfat of her dam.

Kidding very late as a 2 year old she suffered on apprasial day having just kidded (yes we should have opted her out), but she made up for it at her first show finishing her championship with Maddy (our 7 year old Granddaughter) handling her. Maddy was as delighted as we were.

Recently was BEST IN SHOW--2018!

bel1     bel2   
Belize - Fall 2013--SOLD!

SG Lucky Star's LB Cancun 6*M-SOLD
S- *B Lucky Star's RA Bravo BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's TA Belize 5*M LA 89

DOB 5/5/2012


1-01 230 1810 76 4.2% 58 3.2%

1-11 120 1590 57 3.6% 44 2.8% (in progress)


LA 2-3 V E V V 89

LA 3-4 E E E V 91

About Cancun: ELITE DOE

Her flashy markings had our attention early on, but her long dairy body has held it. Only shown at state fair she was 3rd place--Confirming our confidence in her.

Shown only 3 times and was 2nd to Courtney in each ring.





     can1  can2

can2   can1
Cancun Fall 2013-SOLD

Lucky Star's QT Zhimmer 3*M--SOLD
S- *B Quixote TE's Tamayo
D-SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M Dandy Page

DOB 3/1/2009


LA 1-04 88 V V V V

LA 2-03 90 E E V E

LA 3-04 91 E E E E

LA 4-03 90 E E E E

1-00 305 2040 88 4.3% 70 3.4%

2-00 305 2630 112 4.3% 91 3.5% (in progress)

2-00 385 3060 132 4.4% 107 3.5%

3-02 275 2150 96 4.5% 72 3.4% (in progress)


PTI 2 27

About Zhimmer:

.Zhimmer is Don's first choice of the "Z" year.


Don says the pictures don't do her justice. She is a doe you need to see to appreciate. 1st at state fair as a yearling, 2 year old and again as 3 year old. She is large with an amazing flat rump and one of the best front ends in the herd with an "E" in shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs back and rump.


  zhim1  zhim2Zhim3   zh2 

     Top-Zhimmer spring 2013 as a 4 year old

Bottom-Zhimmer Spring and Summer 2012 as a 3 year old

Lucky Star's RA Burnish 4*M-SOLD
S- *B CH Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's QT Zhimmer 3*M Dandy Page

DOB 3/5/2011

LA 1-03 88 V V V E

LA 2-03 88 V E V V

1-00 293 1680 74 4.4% 55 3.3%

2-00 207 1660 71 4.3% 53 3.2% in progress


PTI 9 44

About Burnish:

This immature doe is so correct we forgive her slow development. Her wonderful doe kid for this year also adds to her value.

Shown 4 times as a milking yearling she has been 1st, 2nd (twice) and 3rd. Shown in the exceptionally competitive northwest 2 year old classes (often 14 to 21 milkers) she has stayed in the top.

She has her dry leg and was also Best Junior Doe in Show.

bur2  bu2

bur4  bur3
Top--Burnish as a 2 year old

Bottom --Burnish summer 2012 as a yearling

SG Lucky Star's TA Calcutta 5*M-SOLD
S- *B Tempo Apolo Ono Reference bucks
D- GCH Lucky Star's AV Xiang 4*M Ebony Page

DOB 2/20/2012


LA 1-1-03 88 E V E V


1-01 185 1610 60 3.7% 48 3.0% (in progress)


Young Stock Linear Appraisal-- Extremely Correct Overall

EC EC EC-EC in front legs,back and rump

PTI 191 122

About Calcutta:

Don's favorite kid for last year. She is both friendly and pretty- just like her dam Xiang. She has earned her dry leg and was the first place senior kid at state fair.

Unfortuately she was slightly uneven on appraisal day keeping her in the "V" mammary.

She was shown only once this year at state fair and was 4th behind Cancun (3rd) and Cheers(1st).


  cal2  cal3  cal1
Calcutta-Summer 2013

SG Lucky Star's TA Brash- SOLD

S- *B Tempo Apolo Ono BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M Dandy Page


LA 1-04 E E V E 89 after she moved to Utah

LA 5-06 E E E E 91


1st test before she was sold 11.5 #'s


About Brash:

Sometimes you just have to sell a great one and we think she may turn out to be one of those. Her first show she earned her dry leg. Then at "Fair" she was Junior Champion and Best Junior Doe in Show. To say we were excited to see yet another Xhibit daughter following in this families winning ways is an understatement. She freshened with a lot of capacity and is huge.

Brash now lives with the Babcock family the spring of 2012. Talk about hard to sell. Only special people could have talked Judi out of Xhibit daughters.


Brash--Spring 2011 on left--- on the right as yearling milker spring 2012
not full-but you get the idea--she could be very special.

SG Lucky Star's TA Brazen-SOLD

S- *B Tempo Apolo Ono BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M Dandy Page

LA 1-04 86 V V + V 86 after she moved (remember Xhibit started out low as well and just kept getting better.)

LA3-07 VEVE 89


1st test before she was sold 9.5 #'s


About Brazen:

Brazen was one of the hardest does to let leave- YES we do always say that, but Judi still misses these 2 Xhibit daughters and second guesses our decision often.

Brazen has moved to Rockin-CB with 2 other Lucky Star does.


Brazen--Spring 2011 as a kid and spring 2012 as a yearling milker

SGCH Lucky Star's LX April Fool-SOLD
S- GCH *B Lucky Star's AV Xavier LA 92 BUCKS
D- GCH Just As I Am So Lil Patience 8*M LA 91



LA 2-04 V E V E 88 after she moved

4-06 V E E E 91


1st test before she was sold 15.1 #'s

1-03 190 1250 61 4.9% 41 3.3% (in progress)

About April Fool:

April Fool was shown once in 2010 at "state" fair where she was first place junior kid and GCH earning her dry leg.

She freshened in July of 2011 and was again only shown at fair. This year she was 3rd place as a milker with 1st place mammary. She has more area of udder attached than any doe we have freahened. The fore extension is wonderful, high wide rear. She needs better teat placement. Her first 2 tests were 8.1 and 9.3 so thank you Xavier for the increased production.

She missed appraisal day as a milker- freshening 3 weeks later. But she was Extremely Correct-- fat as could be getting ready to kid.

April is one of 3 does who moved to Rockin-CB spring of 2012. She is a good example of the improved production you get with Xavier.

April Fool pictured on the left as a yearling at state fair and
on the right 1 month fresh as a 2 year old.

SG Lucky Star's AV Zsa Zsa 5*M-SOLD
S- Altrece Very Berry BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Dandy Page


LA 2-04 V V E E 89 (milking through)

LA 3-07 E E V E 90 after she moved

LA 4-05 E V E E 90


1-01 305 2060 85 4.1% 70 3.4%

1-01 483 3030 127 3.4% 70 2.7% (extended lactation

About Zsa Zsa:

Zsa Zsa is a very mature yearling milker. Not as long as her sisters Xaveria or Yvonne II, but she is longer rear ribbed which Judi really likes. Her mammary is as outstanding as her sister's and dam's--maybe the longest fore udder of the group- which is saying something.

She placed first several times in 2010 and was only second to Zhimmer . She had many 1st place mammary even when Zhimmer stood in front of her.

Zsa-Zsa now reside at Rockin-CB. It was a very hard decision to let this beautiful doe go, but a home with Cindy Silva was close enough to visit!

Zsa Zsa as a yealing milker Summer 2010 on the left --
on the right as a 3 year old spring of 2012.

SG Lucky Star's LOT Zhanna 5*M-SOLD
S- +*B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's AV Xiang 4*M Ebony Page


LA 2-04 89 E E V V

LA 3-05 90 V E V E



1-00 313 2550 96 3.8% 80 3.1%

2-00 140 1820 63 3.5% 53 2.9% (in progress)

About Zhanna: Zhanna was sold for show-- summer of 2011. A very hard decision!

Yet another amazing milker from Thrill with all the general appearance from her dam. Zhanna was shown 4 times and was first 3 times. She is a large doe with a lovely long, flat rump and a real will to milk.


She has one of the widest yearling rear udders we have seen. She is Judi first choice of the 4 beautiful yearlings this year.



Zhanna -Summer 2010-- far right just out of the show ring

Lucky Star's LOT Zardeenah 6*M

S-*B Little Orchard Pure Thrill Reference Bucks
D-GCH Lucky Star's QM Prismea 5*M Above


LA 1-04 86 + V V E

LA 2-03 89 V E V E

LA 3-07 90 V E V E


1-01 303 2060 73 3.5% 61 3.0%

2-00 191 2230 68 3.1% 61 2.7% (in progress)

About Zardeenah: Was sold for show the summer of 2011 another very hard choice.

Zardeenah is very pretty young doe. She looks much like her older sister except she holds her condition better.


She was shown 4 times and was first 3 of those and third once to herdmate Zhimmer and Zsa-Zsa.


We think she holds lots of promise and of course she has the excellent mammary this family is noted for-even as a yearling.

Zardeenah pictured as a Yearling -Summer 2010

SG Lucky Star's LOT Yodel 6*M

S-*B Little Orchard Pure Thrill Reference Bucks
D-GCH Lucky Star's QM Prismea 5*M Above


LA 2-04 86 + E V V

LA 3-03 90 V E E E   

LA 4-04 90 V E E E


1-02 296 2320 79 3.4% 69 3.7%

2-01 289 3460 109 3.2% 106 3.1%

3-00 305 3110 102 3.3% 97 3.1%

4-03 172 1490 51 3.4% 45 3.0 % in progress.



Yodel was part of our 1st place "Thrill" Senior Get of Sire for the past 2 years.

About Yodel:

Yodel moved to her new home the fall 2012

Yodel really came into her own as a 3 year old. Her appraisal score and her many show ring wins prove this. She has earned 2 GCH legs and was so often Reserve GCH that is became funny.


Yodel decided to have a single huge buck kid and has not done as well as we would have liked this year. We are repeating the breeding and hoping for 3 does!

Yodel freshened with one of the best toplines we have had in the herd. She has the high rear udder and very tight foreudder this family is noted for.


Yodel does not have a good front end. Her shoulders are a bit loose and she wings out a bit. Both of these conditions are more apparent due to her extreme dairy character.


yo  yo1  yo3

  Yodel as a 3 year old Spring 2011

Lucky Star's LOT Yentl

S-*B Little Orchard Pure Thrill BUCKS
D-Lucky Star's QM Tweedledee 5*M (2-GCH Legs)

Young stock appraisal is + EC EC Very Good overall

About Yentl:

Wonderful a new black and tan doe from Tweedle. This doe is long, dairy and more dairy. We can't wait to see if she has the udder this family is famous for. The only thing we wanted from this breeding was the color and a bit stronger feet. We seem to have both those.

Seh placed first in a yearling class in tough Northwest competition.

Yet another pretty fresh Thrill daughter. We are "thrilled" with how she looks.

Yentl has been sold--Yes we do sell some very nice yearlings every spring. A deposit will hold one for you.

Yentl as a yearling-Spring 2009

Lucky Star's AV Blue Yield
Lucky Star's AV Blue Yield
S- Altrece Very Berry Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's QM a-Rresting 6*M LA92 Above

Young stock appraisal is V EC EC Very Good overall

About Blue Yield:

This was the runt of a set of quads and we were disappointed as we thought it would be nice to have a blue roan kid from a-Rresting. Well don't let anyone tell you birth size means a thing. She has grown into a real beauty and we are glad she was "too small" to sell in the spring. Unfortuantely a young man fell in love with her and how could we resist his appeal so she was sold as a yearling milker- again we do sell some nice ones.

This pretty blue roan has turned out very well-what a rump-just like Mom's. Blue Yield has been sold, but we thought you would like to see the consistency of this breeding.


Blue Yield as yearling milker just before she moved

Lucky Star's AV Xaviera 5*M

S- Altrece Very Berry BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Above

LA 1-04 85 V V V + (EH)


1-01 305 1630 69 4.2% 57 3.5%

2-00 256 2080 84 4.0% 65 3.1% (in progress)

About Xaviera:

Xavier looks just like her dam, Vivian, except with better breed type about her head and better set to the rear legs! As a yearling she was shown 3 times once with a second and 2 thirds (Don's doe Xiang in front of her each time). "but will need a second freshening to see what her full potential might be." Was what we said last year well you can see she was worth the wait.

Xaviera - as a 2 year old June 2009 - 2 -pics on left as a yearling in 2008

Lucky Star's Madame X 4*M
S-++*B Quixote Jo's Monet Bucks
D- SG Lucky Star's LOT Wedgewood 3*M
Blast from the Past


LA 3-04 90 E V V E

LA 4-02 90 E V E E

LA 5-02 90 E V E E



1-10 305 1580   76 4.8% 50 3.1%

2-10 305 3000 133 4.4% 91 2.8%

3-10 305 3120 135 4.3% 94 3.0%

About Madame X:

Yep more Monet --"X" is typical of his daughters- great feet and legs, beautiful head and her mammary is ideal with very nice teat placement.

She earned 2 GCH legs and many RGCH awards in the 2011 this show season.

We made all sorts of excuses for her slow start, but she has proven she was worth our patience and typical of this family she only gets better with time.She is now milking 3,000 #'s with great components and also appraises 90. She deserves her place in the herd. Of course Maddy (our granddaughter) would never let her go!


She milks down to 2 teats with one of the nicest textures in the herd and check out that fore udder! Don't be fooled by the "apparent lack of capacity" her milk tests say otherwise!


We gave up the spring of 2012 trying to get a doe kid from Madame X and sold her to the ever patient Babcock family.

Madame X - on the left Spring 2011 and middle and right - Summer 2010

Lucky Star's LOT Yakity-Yak

S-+*B Little Orchard Pure Thrill Reference Bucks
D-Merrihill VS Willma
DD-Lucky Star's TR Su-ellen 3*M (Another Raquel daughter)


Young stock appraisal is V EC EC Extremely Correct overall


About Yakity-Yak:

Yep, she is a beauty, long and tall, with great breed character. She is so pretty we have come to love her markings! Each year Don and Judi get to keep one kid just because they like her even if she doesn't have a long fancy Lucky Star pedigree and for once they both agreed on the same doe kid!

And what a beauty she has turned out to be- Yet another very lovely Thrill daughter.
Yakity-Yak has been sold and is shown just to show one more lovely Thrill daughter. Yes-- we do sell some lovely does!


Lucky Star's AV Wish Upon a Star 6*M
S-Altrece AP Very Berry BUCKS
D-SG Lucky Star's QK Star Search 5*M

Young Stock Appraisal EC EC EC

1-02 298 1580 55 3.5% 55 3.54%

About Wish Upon a Star:

Don's favorite yearling, especially now that she is fresh. Wish has it all including 2 Best In Show wins (as a kid)-one at the Lamancha Specialty. She has a very pretty twin, Wind in the Willows (sold), who is every bit as lovely according to her owner.

Wish Upon a Star

Lucky Star's QM My Vision Stone 3*M
Ebony's granddaughter

S- +*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's QK Rosetta 2*M (full sister to Patina)


4-06 92 E E E E


2-00 284 2670 112 4.2% 84 3.2% (in progress)

About Vision Stone:

Vision is a very stylish immature doe even at 2 years old. Her pictures indicate her quality. She has very good width in her udder from front to rear and side to side. She has been a favorite of Judi's from birth so we were glad she has an outstanding mammary.

My Vision Stone - Pictured at 2 years old - June 2007

Lucky Star's QM Touchstone 3*M
Sold 2007

S- ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's QK Rosetta 2*M (full sister to Patina)
LA 2-04 87 V V V V
1-01 278 1380 53 3.8% 49 3.6%
1-10 252 1770 67 38% 57 3.2% (in progress)

About Touchstone:

Touchstone is a very stylish young doe. Her pictures tell the story. She has all the width in her udder from front to rear to make her an improvement over her very special dam, Rosetta.


Lucky Star's QM Susan 5*M
Sold 2007

S- +*B Quixote Jo's Monet BUCKS
D-SG Lucky Star's QK Narnea 4*M LA 90
Blast from the Past page
1-07 89 E V V E
3-04 87 V V V V

1-00 295 1690 63 3.7% 58 3.4%
2-01 290 2130 79 3.7% 73 3.4%

About Susan:

Susan is a lovely young doe. She earned 8 first places in the 2004 show season and continued her winning ways in 2005 with 6 firsts and 2-GCH's, BOB's wins as will as a RGCH! Her mammary is every bit as nice as Narnea's, Prismea's and Tweedle's. See her lovely daughter Xiao Xiao Witch Kid Page

Susan - Pictured at 2 years old

GCH Lucky Star's Natural Raquel 3*M
Sold 2007

S- *B Lucky Star's 3D Natural Reference Bucks
D- Quixote Jo's Noelle (Monet's maternal sister)
Blast from the Past page
LA 1-06 90 V E E E
1-00 305 1710 74 4.3% 74 3.4%
1-11 305 2030 78 4.5% 59 3.8%

About Raquel:

Raquel started out her show career with a GCH at the first show (24 milkers) and another at the second show (27 milkers) given the competition, this is an impressive beginning. In 2005 her first 2 rings brought her 2 more GCH wins, 2 BOB wins and a BIS win, finishing her in style. She is a longer, taller version of her lovely dam. See her amazing Thrill daughter- Vivian see Dandy Page.

Raquel- Pictured at 3 years old - September 2005

SG Lucky Star's QK Regan 3*M
Retired 2007

V + + + S- GCH ++*B Quixote Kate's Kareem
D- GCH Lucky Star's C Hermia 2*M Blast from the Past page
LA 2-07 90 E E E E
LA 4-05 90 E E E V
1-00 297 2140 85 4.0% 71 3.3%
1-11 292 2470 110 4.5% 86 3.5%

About Regan:

Regan's claim to fame is her outstanding general appearance. She is one of the prettiest does on the move. Regan earned her dry leg and one milking leg so far. See her lovely doe kid-Windsor.
Dandy Family Kids

Regan- Pictured at 4 years old

Quixote Jo's Noelle 2*M
Given to Cindy Silva 2005

S- +*B Quixote Elke's Marguez
D- GCH Quixote Joelle 1*M
LA: 6-06 91 E E E V
3-01 281 1730 67 3.9% 51 3.0%
3-11 222 1560 50 3.2% 44 2.8% (in progress)

About Noelle:

Monet's maternal sister, Noelle is a very nice addition who was part of our first place dam and daughter. We feel she is a nice addition to our herd and her 5 daughters are all as nice and we have been able to retain 2 for ourselves. See GCH Raquel (LA 90) and Suellen (EC twice) on the Dandy page.

Quixote Jo's Noelle - Pictured at 3 years old - August 2003

GCH Just as I am So Lil Patience 8*M
S-CH*B Rockspring Dude Dande Diplomat
D- GCH Rockin-CB QM Rebeckah (91EEEE)
(Another Lovely Monet daughter)


LA 3-05 91 E E E E

2-00 225 1350 66 4.9% 43 3.2%
3-00 286 2060 101 4.9% 66 4.6%

4-00 199 1940 93 4.8% 59 3.0%(In Progress)


About Patience:
We fell in love with Patience when we watched her go GCH and BIS last spring. When the Hendrickson family offered her to us--we were delighted and hurried to pick her up before they changed their minds. She has ideal teat size, shape and placement, her breed character is lovely and she has very nice general appearance. She has a dispostion that suits her name.

Shown once this year she was 1st place udder at fair.


She is bred to *B GCH Lucky Star's AV Xavier-- Try to imagine a combination of Vivian and Patience?? Pretty special don't you think. that is what we said last year and it is true. See their does kids. Kids


Patience on appraisal day not very full--Summer 2010