Vivian's Family

Many years ago we purchased a doe from Quixote Lamanchas, Quixote Jo's Noelle. She was a lovely doe (and Monet's sister) and we bred her to +*B Lucky Star's 3D Natural- a Dandy son. This produced GCH Lucky Star's Natural Raquel, Vivian's Dam, making Vivian closely related to Xhibit on the dam line as well as having a common sire- Thrill.

Vivian and offspring are shown here. This family is noted for their all around good type as well as milk and showability.Not to mention our first 94 EEEE doe.

Vivian has many granddaughters in the herd (over 10) from her son and daughters. Her contribution is very significant.

Kids from the Vivian family can be found on the Vivian kids page.

SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian 4*M

S- *B Little Orchard Pure Thrill Reference Bucks
D- GCH Lucky Star's Natural Raquel 3*M
Reference does

DOB 4/2/2005


LA 6-04 93 E E E E

LA 7-04 93 E E E E

LA 8-04 93 E E E E 3 different appraisers

LA 9-05 94 E E E E

1-10 342 3300 147 4.4% 113 3.4%
2-10 304 3540 160 4.5% 119 3.4% Top Ten

3-09 303 2450 113 4.6% 81 3.3%

4-10 313 2390 115 4.8% 85 3.6%

5-10 305 3480 152 4.4% 116 3.3% Top Ten

6-10 305 3410 151 4.4% 112 3.3% Top Ten

6-10 364 3780 169 4.5% 125 3.3% extended

8-00 272 2520 102 4.0% 85 3.4%

8-11 291 2620 114 4.4% 86 3.3%

Her 10th, 11th and 12th lactation we ended early to reduce our chores.

Lifetime is 2893 days 26,520 milk 4.4% BF and 3.4% P

PTI 119 100

PTA 130M 4F 5P

About Vivian: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/A

Vivian was recently confirmed to be one of the very few does who appraise 94 E E E E we were honored and thrilled with this news!

Vivian was shown 4 times in 2011 going BEST IN SHOW the first 3 times and Reserve Grand behind Xhibit at "State Fair". Shown only once in 2012 she was 2nd in Champion Challenge at State Fair. Shown only once in 2013 she was 3 place Champion Challenger behind Xhibit and "Fish". We were delighted for this 8 year old to be so competitive. In 2014 she was first place as a 9 year old in the over 7 year old class.


Vivian is turning into quite the brood doe with 7 very pretty daughters. Several daughters and a son are leaving their mark in our herd.

As a two year old one of Vivian's "firsts" was at the 2007 national show out of 55 entries!

Her fore udder extension is excellent, the height and width of rear udder is also very good. She is a tall (34" as a 3 yr. old) and is a very long doe, but it is her extraordinary mammary that catches everyone's attention.

She does have a plain (strong) head.

She milks well, shows well and appraises well, yet another doe to reach all our goals. In addition, she produces beautiful offspring.

We have made the tough decision to retire Vivian. She had a single Buck kid in 2018 as 13 year old. Her beautiful yearling daughter (Johansen) will carry on as well many of her granddaughters. Barani, Debra, Drama, Epic, Emmaray, Favor, Harmony many, many great- daughters

viv1 viv2 vivi3


viv1 viv2 viv3


    viv1   viv2 




 Top 3 pictures are of Vivian as an 9 year old-She continues to age beautifully.

Next 3 pictures are of Vivian as an 8 year old.

2 pictures are Vivian as a 7 year old in September 2012.

Next Vivian as a 6 year old Spring 2011 on apprisal day.

Bottom 4 are from her 3 year old year

No matter which way you take a picture--this doe is special.

SG Lucky*Star's ME Johansen 5*M
S- Mint*Leaf Elmsley Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M


DOB 2-3-2017


LA 1-05 + V V E 86 Excellent in rear legs.

LA 2-04 E E E E 92 Excellent in shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, back and udder texture.


1-01 293 2414 96 4.0% 84 3.5%

2-01 305 3186 129 4.0% 113 3.5%

3-01 296 3639 140 3.9% 123 3.4% (in progress)


PTI 234 158

PTA 274M 10F 10P

About Johansen: ELITE DOE DNA TYPED --Alpha s1 Casein is A/A


We really love this 3 year old. She does it all and boy do we wish she could have been out on the show circuit this year..

She is the dam of herd sire-Lugosi! That pretty much says it all. See her son Lugosi on the Buck page.

She has a great disposition, excellent tasting milk and another over 3,000 pounds lactation.

Next year maybe we will get to show her off.




Johansen is bred to *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS This is a repeat breeding we are very excited about. See Monroe Vivian Kids

First doe kid may be retained.


jo1    jo2

jo3    jo4

Johansen-- June 2020 as a 3 year old milker


jo1  jo2

Johansen-- June 2019 as a 2 year old milker


joha2   joh3

Johansen Summer 2018 as a Yearling milker

SGCH Lucky*Star's LB Debra 6*M
S- *B Lucky Star's RA Bravo Reference Bucks
D- SG Lucky Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M LA 90 EEEE Blast from the past page

DOB 2/23/2013


LA 1-05 V V + V 86

LA 3-05 V E E E 91

LA 4-03 E E V E 91

LA 5-04 E E E E 91

LA 6-02 E E E E 91

Excellent in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Back, Rump and Udder Texture (as a 6 year old).


1-00 305 1780 69 3.9% 64 3.6%

2-00 341 3040 118 3.9% 108 3.6%

3-01 288 2210 90 4.1% 81 3.7%

4-00 283 2448 90 3.7% 90 3.7%

5-00 269 2670 99 3.7% 99 3.7%

6-01 245 1909 71 3.7% 74 3.9%

7-01 230 1957 67 3.4% 70 3.6% (in progress)


PTI 20 64

PTA 36M -2F 4P

About Debra: DNA typed Alpha S1 Casein A/A


Debra--This doe has one of the very best mammaries we have had. We hadn't been showing Debra and had offered her for sale. The question came, "Is she a show doe?" Well it really depends on where you live. You can show any doe, however will they be competitive is another question and very subject to the competitiion. So we took her to a show to see what would happen in the northwest Lamancha ring.

2018--3 rings, ring 1- Reserve Champion, Ring 2 -Grand Champion, Ring 3- Best Udder in Show. (Her Daughter Faye was Grand). So yes she is a show doe, -- End result she is staying here another year.

2019 Debra really proved she was a show doe. She finished and added 2 Best in Show wins. In the Northwest that is saying something- you go girl!

This doe just keeps getting better- Love how she is looking at 7 years old. Sure would have loved a Champion Challenge class or state fair this year.


Debra is to be bred to *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS This is a very exciting cross and hope to retain another doe kid. But you never know so ask if interested. See her beautiful yearling milking daughter, Liv below.


deb1    deb2    deb3

debra    debra2


deb deb1


rear  side


 deb2  deb2


Top -- Debra as a 7 year old June 2020

Middle-Debra as a 6 year old 2019-- 2 Times Best In Show 

Middle -- Debra as a 5 year old 2018

Middle -- Debra as a 4 year old 2017

Middle-- Debra as a 3 year old 2016

Bottom-- Debra as a 2 year old 2015

SG Lucky*Star's RD Faye 7*M
S- *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco Reference Bucks
D- SG Lucky Star's LB Debra 6*M Vivian page

DOB 3/20/2015


LA 1-05 V E E V 88

LA 2-02 V E V E 90

LA 3-03 V E E E 91

LA 4-03 E E E E 91 Excellent in Shoulder Assembly, Front leg, Back, and Rump


1-00 286 1740 69 4.0% 63 3.6%

2-00 298 2347 76 3.2% 81 3.5%

3-00 253 2141 73 3.4% 72 3.4%

4-00 166 1553 53 3.4% 53 3.4% diried early

4-11 131 1093 36 3.3% 38 3.5% dried early to reduce chores


PTI 26 81

PTA 26M -2F 4P

About Faye: DNA TYPED --Alpha s1 Casein is A/A

Faye is a beautifully correct doe who catches eveyone's eye. She started out her show career with 7 first place 2 year old wins. She also was Reserve Grand Champion. One of her first places was at the Washington State Fair with 20 milkers in her class alone.

As a 3 yr old she has been 1 thru 3rd in her classes and was been Grand Champion once.

As a 4 year old she earned another Grand champion win, but with our limited show season she had trouble beating out her dam- Debra and herd mate Favor for that 3rd leg

She has beautiful teat placement and milks down to a glove soft udder. It may not be huge, but it is all milk.



Faye is bred to *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS

She had 5 striking bucks from this cross in the last 2 years so hoping for does. First Black and Tan doe may stay.


Faye-- Spring and Summer 2019

faye1 faye2 Faye3

Faye-- Spring and Summer 2018

rear  side  angle

Faye-- Spring and Summer 2017      

Lucky*Star's RJ Liv
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's LB Debra 6*M above

DOB 4/13/2019


1-00 238 1919 65 3.4% 64 3.3%

PTA 75M 0F 4P

About Liv: DNA TYPED

Liv has had our attention from her birth. She was a striking doe kid and a stunning yearing milker. We love to see Debra's long, level rump passed on to this doe.

This doe is an excellent milk. Dried early as she is kidding in February.


Liv is bred to *B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi BUCKS repeating the 2020 Breeding that produced Margo.See Margo Vivian Kids


liv liv2

Liv--June 2020