All of these puppies were placed in loving and wonderful homes. We appreciate your interest in our pups, but Abby has been spayed. I promise to get updated pics up this fall.


Born January 4, 2015

This lovely litter has 5 males and 8 females in it. The sire of these puppies is our prefectly serious Tony. Tony is all about work. See Tony's page.

Our plan is for this to be the last Lucky Star Farm litter and beautiful Abby will be spayed.

Can you determine the theme for the their puppy names?

Reservations available on 2 males and 1 or 2 females.

Below are Puppies at 7weeks old. . Return to Abby's Page


Dela -very pretty and attentive.


Penny is focused and likes attention.


George is classic fawn male with a very easy disposition. Might be a good starter pup.


York is a very laid back --He sleeps

and grows-still the big guy.


Hamp- He is a very large male who is happy and busy.


Jersey (now named Zayda)-a very sweet girl who still talks when things don't go her way.


North (now called Zeke) is very independent.

Does his own thing.


Isla-this dark beauty is a confidant smart girl.


Carol is a sweet heart and the easiest pup

in the litter-She is a very large female.


Mary is our alert watch puppy-she is always checking out the action-she may be most like Abby. This is our escape artist. She goes where ever she wants.


Connie is so very sweet, quiet and easy going. Very much wants to please.


Virginia is the lucky 13. white toes-- looks to be RED and loves to be held and cuddled rare in these pups.





pups in box