Born March 1st, 2003

This lovely litter has 2 males and 3 females in it. 3 pups might have their fathers red coloration while the other 2 are the traditional fawns with black masks. This litter all have new homes.


They are shown at 7-9 weeks old-- Most of them have moved to new homes. They will miss their brothers and sisters, but they really love their new people. One of them, of course, won Judi's heart and stayed. Can you guess which one?


They have had 2 sets of shots, have been wormed, and their ears cleaned and toe nails clipped. To them it seemed a nuisance - It was much more fun to watch the goat kids play. Return to Zoë's Page

Little Girl basking in the sun. Her name is now Gracie and she has moved to Soap Lake, WA. The true sweetheart of the litter- We think Zoë is still looking for her. Pictured at 8 weeks old.

Gracie looking adorningly at her new owner.

This is our full brother on guard duty- isn't he a swell looking guy.
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Happy at 7 weeks old. She was always the biggest of pups and her brothers never surpassed her. She is very much missed. Happy is now called Xena.

Our sons always called her the warrior princess because she was so proud and beautiful. Her new owners liked the name!

She liked to watch the goats. This lovable huge fluff ball now has her own goat herd in Willits, CA.

This stunning male pup, formerly known as "Notip", is now called Attaturk and lives in Portland, OR.

Attaturk is pictured here at 8 wks old.
This broad headed black faced male
is a classic ASD.

Attaturk is appropriately named as he was the most adventuresome of the pups.

My new home is Salem, OR. I have been named Ozan-as I am poetry in motion!

They still call me mellow and I love the goat kids even when they butt me!
I have a medium coat.

I'm going to be very large. Ozan (Ozzie) readily plays with the big dogs and the cats.

The unassuming Boots just snuck up on us. Her name is now Bahar (Spring). Not as big as her sister but oh so pretty.

They say I'm like my brother Halim. Bahar's attention to the goats is amazing. She lives here at Lucky Star.

I have already spent a day with Judi at work in an office there was not much to do there-boring!!!