Born March 8th, 2003

These are our first pictures! We are 7 days old!

I'm called little girl and am Mom's favorite and very popular with guests.

I'm called Tipi Too, because I have a tip on my tail like my1/2 brother -Tipi.

Here I am again. I'm the second biggest and a very mellow fellow. (Tipi Too)

I'm called No Tip-guess why?

I was eating when they wanted to take a picture. (No Tip)

Here we all eating with
Tipi Too on top!!

I'm called Growly and am the biggest and most assertive!

Judi loves me because I'm the boss pup! I think she says "ALPHA"--
whatever that means.

Mom's not sure about this picture taking stuff!

I'm called "Boots" and
I have a great attitude.

They say I am well balanced?? (Boots)

This is our full brother on guard duty- isn't he a swell looking guy.
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