Here we are at 5 weeks - Ready for Adventure!

We are 5 weeks old in these pictures--This week we were moved to a pen next to a bunch a strange looking creatures. We are told they are "kids". We really like watching them through the fence, but sometimes they come into play with us. We mostly watch them run around. They never take naps-how silly. These "kids" we are told are what we are to protect as adults and Judi seems delighted that none of us want to chase them. Why would we do that when it is more fun to watch them?


We also had our first shots this week. The "Vet" was nice but he looked in our ears, checked our teeth and bites (?) and poked us. He also pronounced us "perfect" we weren't sure what that meant, but again Judi sure seemed happy, so we all got extra cuddles. We love being held and like to snuggle up on Judi's lap, but she is much like those "kids" and doesn't nap with us. Back to 2003 Puppies Page

I'm not so little anymore-
Little Girl at 5 weeks old.

I'm still the cutest-Don't you agree? Little Girl at 5 weeks old

I'm still the biggest and fuzziest. Happy at 5 weeks old.

My tail goes so fast when the people come. They now call me Happy- Happy at 5 weeks

I like to watch the goats. This seems to make Judi very happy. Happy 5 weeks.

I'm the most curious-NoTip at 5 weeks.

I occasionally sleep-NoTip at 5 weeks.

They say I'm very well proportioned(?), with a great tail- NoTip 5 weeks.

I have a very pretty head and Don likes me best so I get lots of pictures.- NoTip at 5 weeks

I like king on the mountain. Tipitoo at 5 weeks.

They still call me mellow and I'm a very "solid" guy. Tipitoo at 5 weeks.

Mom is sure fun to play on. She has the patience of a saint says Judi.

I'm pretty don't you think? I don't seem to demand as much attention as the rest-Boots at 5 weeks.

They say I'm a lot like my brother Halim-They love him so I guess that is good-Boots at 5 weeks.

We are tired of picture taking!