Born April 17, 2014

This lovely litter had 6 males and 5 females in it. The sire of these puppies is our prefectly serious Tony. Tony is all about work. See Tony's page.

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Puppies with the folks they own!




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Callen-Now called Yogi is happily at home with Carol


Sam, now Emul, and has Cindy and a herd of beautiful Lamanchas to call his own.


Gibbs, whose name stayed the same went to New Hampshire and is enjoying life with Jean.


Jenny now called Layla, has Val and family and farm to watch over.


Duckie, now called Turk, has Ladene and Brian and their horses to care for.


Ellie now named Kensi has Kim and a herd of fancy Nubians to take care for.


Hettie whose new name is Sasha has a home with Wendie and her horses.


McGee now called Tryant (hope that isn't how he behaves) now has a home with Paige and Denetta and their dairy goats!



Nell has a wonderful family and new farm. She is excited to start taking care of them. Even Maddy was happy with this placement.


Kensi, now named Mattie Ann is in Florida with Lori and her dairy goats..


Deeks guess who gets to stay and take care of us?


So this ends our direct part (well except for Deeks) and now we will support all our new owners on their adventures with an Anatolian puppy.


Thnak you to each and every one of you for providing a great home for these puppies.



Puppy pictures at 5 weeks

Puppy pictures at 6 weeks

Puppy pictures at 8 weeks