2021-2022 Planned Breedings

Lucky Star Farm's 2021 Fall Planned Breeding list.

2022 Kids available will be listed in place of bred dates after kidding. We do take deposits on both buck and doe kids.

Updated 10/17/21. WEB site is partially updated at this time.

    N/A= nothing available

Bred Date**
1st Freshners
Bred Date**
LOT Vivian *#*#* NO        
RY Zaray Lugosi if we breed her   Alpine Doe Kids    
RY Accolade Jiangi if we breed her  


will be dry  

RA Cheers



  Nilla will be dry  
LX Drama Jiangxi 8/28/21**  

Will consider offers on either or both Alpine kids.

LX Favor Jiangxi 8/28/21**   Lamancha Doe Kids:    
Tellurous-"Rosy"-Alpine *#*#* NO   RJ Nice-Nice Lugosi 10/8/2021
ME Johansen Jiangxi 9/25/2021   RJ Novak Magic 10/8/2021
TD Jemma Jiangxi 8/28/21** KV Nepheline Jiangxi 10/8/2021
TD Kudos Jiangxi 9/25/2021   RJ Natalie Lugosi  
RJ Limelight Lugosi 10/17/2021   RM Nia Nevado  
RJ Lara Magic 9/18/21   LL Nigella Nevado  
RJ Liv Lugosi 9/25/21   RM Newmar will be dry  
RJ Monroe Magic     LL Nuance will be dry  
RJ Minty AI- Thrill 10/16/2021        
LL Margo Nevado 10/16/2021        



*See Bucks on the "BUCK" web page.

**Confirmed from Bio-tracking . ***Confirmed Ultra sound

*#*#* These does are now retired and we no longer plan to breed them at this time.

This is an effort to reduce our spring work load.