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“There is nothing - absolutely nothing -
half so much worth doing as simply...
...messing about
   with goats.”

- apologies to Kenneth Grahame
(Wind in the Willows)


Updated last on 6/13/2023

Lucky Star Farm is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, Washington. We have raised Dairy Goats since 1976 and our LaManchas have been protected by Anatolian Shepherd Dogs since 1994.

Our LaMancha dairy goats have won many national awards, including 2 National Grand Champions, a Reserve National Champion, and we have been the Premier LaMancha Breeder at 2 National Shows. Lucky Star Farm has produced over 100 permanent champions, over 140 LaManchas who have an SG designation, and at least 45 different “Top Ten” does.


Welcome to our website - we hope you enjoy viewing our goats, dogs, and the farm.


Contact us for milkers and buck and doe kids for sale.


Disease testing (CAE and others) results (always negative).


SEMEN Available via your shipper

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