Born April 17, 2014

This lovely litter has 6 males and 5 females in it. The sire of these puppies is our prefectly serious Tony. Tony is all about work. See Tony's page.

We will try to add pictures often so check back. Please e-mail for information-

New owners will give the puppies their real names for now they are called after TV characters.

Below are puppies at almost 5 weeks.




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Callen is our calm quiet guy. Callen already has his new owner picked out.


Hanna is the largest male in the litter. The first to walk and is a calm quiet observer.


Gibbs is our level headed pup and quick and smart-fairly independent.


Jenny is a calm, firm, adorable lady. the first to open her eyes to the world.


Duckie is smart and excells in cute. He is the crowd pleaser.

Ellie--another very pretty, sweet young lady.


Hettie is striking with her dark coloration and reminds us the most of Abby-smart.


McGee is another large male puppy-a real farm favorite. This guy already goes to sit by the dairy goats!


Nell is smart,very vocal and busy. Nell always has something to say and was the first one to get out of the box,we raised the side out she came again.


Kensi is starting to hold her own with her brothers-She is the biggest of the girls.


Deeks is the bossy puppy and wants things his way...He is looking for an experienced ASD owner.


All of us at 27 days old--all 11 of us like the same crate. The other crate is empty!







Puppy pictures at 6 weeks

Puppy pictures at 8 weeks

Puppy pictures new homes